About Maven Nation

Hey Sister, Welcome to Maven Nation. 

Here Is Why You Should Join Me:

You desire to get connected with a sisterhood community learning to create success without sacrificing their 


This community will offer high-achieving women (I call them Baddies) ways to reintroduce joy, fulfillment and purpose to the lives we live by learning to work smartER and play hardER! 

Yes, we are about THAT life!

Whether you’re running a successful six-figure business or doing the corporate climb, and you’re craving connection with other women looking to create their balanced rhythm lifestyle — then this is the tribe for you.

If you’re ready to shut down the foolery —  reclaim your life and create your balanced rhythm then let's Do Our BAM (Bust A Move) Thang!

If this sounds like you, keep reading…

Who Should Join Maven Nation?

You're ideal for this sisterhood if you're a woman who:

  • Needs a safe, judgment-free zone where she can shed her 'superwoman' cape and get authentic support.
  • Is tired of feeling like she is managing her life running on a treadmill and desires a better-balanced rhythm.
  • Wants to improve her quality of life by making necessary adjustments in her physical health and nutrition lifestyle.
  • Desires to increase her confidence by reducing negative self-talk and self-doubt through mindfulness and mindset development.
  • Has gotten to six-figures on her own but now doesn’t have the systems or support to get to that next level.
  • Seeks quality women-owned businesses to hire, collaborate, and network with.
  • Seeks restoration and rejuvenation to figure out her next steps or career transition from experiencing boredom, burnout and depletion.
  • Craves authentic connections with other smart and driven women—not a bunch of fake azz “likes” on your social media post from women who barely know you. Likes don’t pay bills!
  • Ready to stop hiding from her greatness, level up and do her BAM Thang!

Membership Includes:

Cold Blooded Baddie

  1. Support from a sisterhood community of amazing women!
  2. Bi-monthly in-person Accountability Sessions in downtown Houston. These sessions create space in a group setting for everyone to work on individual projects with support from Maven Miara and SMEs. Held in Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec 2022.
  3. Bi-monthly digital Live Learning Sessions with SMEs on business and lifestyle topics. Held in Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov 2022. Topic ideas: Website Improvements, business content, career development, fitness & nutrition, sleep essentials, mindset, hormone health.
  4. Access to virtual office space for accountability sessions.
  5. BAM Hot Seat Sessions where Baddies request live feedback on ideas such as: Website review, product launch, content help, idea cultivation.
  6. Discounted access to book 1:1 sessions with Maven Miara
  7. Discounts & early access to the #unBAM Retreat Fall 2022
  8. 2022 Balanced Rhythm Binder + digital download
  9. Profile in *The Us Space business directory
  10. Access to *The Us Space business directory

* Community partner

See What Members Have to Say...

Tanya Gamble
CEO, The Flower Lounge

"The membership circle was exactly what I needed to take my business from the planning and creating phase to actual execution. Along with focusing on my balanced rhythm, Miara provided the tools needed to implement a productive workflow. She’s very gifted at tapping into your vision and helping you expand upon it. Miara is my secret sauce."

Shronica Randle-Holmes

CEO, The Rose Residential Care Home

Being a part of Miara’s membership circle not only brought me clarity on where I want to go in business but it helped me to take a deep dive into things that I was avoiding, like my business financials. I was able to also get organized with the tools and templates that she provided.  Being in a community of like-minded women made me feel like I wasn't the only one going through business challenges (especially during a pandemic).

Audria Patrick

Co-founder, Stephanie's Homemade Co.

"I felt overwhelmed as a business owner during the pandemic. Maven Miara provided me a safe place to shelter and learn within her community. She met me right where I was in my business journey with lessons, coaching and feedback  to arm me with tools and solutions needed for my business to not only survive, but thrive. The circle was a small group and advantageous to anyone not wanting to get lost in the crowd or class. Maven Miara was just what I needed to get unstuck!

Join our sisterhood!

'Maven' Miara Shaw

CEO, Maven Business Academy

"Being a part of an authentic community is the fuel and support needed for continued growth. You are Capable, Prepared, and Ready ® (CPR) for your next big move."

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